Crushing machine for cans and bottles

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Bottle crusher for shop and home

Crushing machine for cans and bottles is a simple way to reduce the dimensions of discarded waste and limit the amount of waste thrown away. Its small size and easy operation make the device perfect for everyday use. It can be installed almost anywhere - it is adapted for outdoor and indoor use. The crusher for plastic and cardboard is useful at selective waste collection points. It is an ideal solution for shops, catering establishments, gyms and offices, whose owners want to reduce the amount of waste generated. It is also used as a home plastic crusher.

The machine for crushing bottles, cans and cardboard is mounted on the wall. The necessary mounting plugs are included in the set.

Can crusher made of high-quality sheet metal

The presented home plastic crusher is made of sheet metal with a thickness of:

  • 1.2 mm - guide rail,
  • 2.0 mm - slider and foot,
  • 3.0 mm - connector.

Thanks to the material used in production, it is characterized by anti-corrosion properties and resistance to mechanical damage. As a result, it remains in good technical condition even in the case of intensive use, e.g. by shop customers.

It should also be emphasized that the can crusher available in our offer has been powder coated. Therefore, a protective layer has formed on its surface, which protects the product from the negative impact of atmospheric factors. The bottle crusher can therefore be used outdoors without any problems - it does not deteriorate under the influence of UV radiation or rain.

Plastic crusher - purpose

The bottle crushing machine helps to reduce the dimensions of various types of waste:

  • PET bottles with a capacity of up to 2 liters and a height of up to 350 mm;
  • paper cartons and others with a capacity of up to 1 liter;
  • aluminum cans for beverages with a capacity of up to 0.6 liters;
  • narrow aluminum cans with non-standard dimensions.

Intuitive and functional bottle crushing machine

The can and plastic crusher available in our offer is very practically designed. It is intended for wall mounting, and the set includes the necessary mounting plugs. Users also appreciate its multifunctionality. The comfort of use is also influenced by the fact that the bottle crusher is intuitive and does not require the use of great force. It can be successfully used by children, who will thus learn pro-ecological behaviors.

Home plastic crusher - key information

Crushing machine for cans and bottles is primarily:

  • made of sheet metal with a thickness of 1.2 mm (guide rail), 2.0 mm (slider and foot), 3.0 mm (connector),
  • powder coating,
  • external and internal application,
  • adaptation to cans, bottles and cartons,
  • wall mounting.

In our store, there is also a bottle and can crusher with a built-in bottle opener.

Technical data
Depth 13 cm
Height 49 cm
Width 16.5 cm

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