Magnesium and Calcium Chloride

Magnesium chloride for roads, calcium chloride for roads.

Magnesium and Calcium Chloride are even more effective and safer alternatives to salt and sand for use in winter. They effectively melt ice and snow, working even at very low temperatures - even down to -50℃! They are also more environmentally friendly and do not negatively affect the condition of cars or footwear. They can be used on streets and sidewalks. The’s offer includes products packed in 25-kilogram bags arranged on a pallet. Calcium chloride for roads in flakes is also available.

Magnesium Chloride bags 25 kg - 1 ton

Magnesium Chloride bags 25 kg - 1 ton

Magnesium Chloride bag 25 kg (1 ton) In addition to road salt for road maintenance, magnesium ch..

719.00 € Ex Tax: 584.55 €

Calcium Chloride Flakes 25 kg - 1 ton

Calcium Chloride Flakes 25 kg - 1 ton

Calcium Chloride Flakes 25 kg Calcium Chloride is a substitute for road salt, and it is mor..

1,409.00 € Ex Tax: 1,145.53 €

Calcium Chloride bag 25 kg - 1 ton

Calcium Chloride bag 25 kg - 1 ton

Calcium Chloride bag 25 kg Calcium Chloride is an excellent substitute for road salt, it is..

819.00 € Ex Tax: 665.85 €

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Magnesium chloride for roads - advantages

Road magnesium chloride has become a more effective alternative to the use of salt and sand. It offers action at extremely low temperatures - it dissolves snow and ice even at -50℃. We appreciate it for its low impact on the environment. Magnesium chloride for roads does not affect plants, animals or urban infrastructure (it does not discolor paving stones or stoneware and does not leave a white residue). It does not cause corrosion, so it can be used on streets without negatively affecting the condition of vehicles. Moreover, it is very efficient and active for many days.

Calcium chloride for roads - advantages

Available in’s offer calcium chloride for roads also shows greater effectiveness than the standardly used road salt and sand. It is effective at temperatures up to -20℃, providing fast and long-lasting action for up to 72 hours. Road calcium chloride does not affect the natural environment and infrastructure and does not cause corrosion on vehicles. It also remains without effect on, for example, pedestrians' footwear, as it does not leave a white residue.’s offer for winter in the city

The safety of city and municipality residents is a priority that needs to be taken care of in time.’s offer includes necessary solutions. In addition to magnesium and calcium chloride, we also provide road salt and sand and sand and salt containers for proper storage of bulk materials. The Sales Department staff will be happy to help you choose the best products for you.