4-Wheel Waste Containers 660l

Waste bins 660L, waste containers 660L.

Our 4-wheel waste containers 660L strike the perfect balance between functional size and durability, ideal for sites producing significant waste but limited in storage space. Crafted from high-quality polyethylene, they're built to resist both weather and mechanical damage. With practical features ensuring ease of use, these containers are offered in five segregation colors, making them suitable for companies, medical facilities, and residential estates. They also comply with the European standard PN-EN 840.

4-wheel waste container 660L ESE

4-wheel waste container 660L ESE

Municipal waste container 660l - segregation is the basis Municipal waste container ESE 660L adapte..

219.00 € Ex Tax: 178.05 €

4-wheel waste container 660L Weber

4-wheel waste container 660L Weber

660l waste container for companies and residential estates Waste Container 660L Weber for the colle..

239.00 € Ex Tax: 194.31 €

4-wheel waste container 660 L Contenur

4-wheel waste container 660 L Contenur

Environmentally friendly waste segregation container The use of high-density polyethylene injection..

229.00 € Ex Tax: 186.18 €

4-wheel municipal waste container PD AT

4-wheel municipal waste container PD AT

Municipal waste container PD AT Container is made of polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass..

259.00 € Ex Tax: 210.57 €

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4-wheel waste containers 660l with PN-EN 840 certificate

All 4-wheel waste containers 660l available in our offer comply with the PN-EN 840 standard. This is a guarantee of the highest quality and compatibility with most standard garbage trucks.

  1. Waste containers are made of PEHD material. High-density low-pressure polyethylene provides resistance to weather conditions (UV radiation, rain, snow and extreme temperatures) and most chemicals. The products show anti-corrosion properties. 

  2. The containers have been prepared using injection technology. No harmful elements such as cadmium or lead were used in their production. The lack of negative impact on the environment and safety of use is confirmed by the certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene awarded to them. 

  3. 4-wheel waste containers 660l have a reinforced body structure, and the mechanical durability of wheels, lids and handles has been subjected to special tests. This is a guarantee for users of the highest resistance to damage - with proper use, the containers do not crack or deform.

  4. The containers are adapted for emptying using standard garbage trucks with front, side and rear unloading using side pins or a front comb rail.

4-wheel waste containers 660l enabling segregation

We live in times when selective waste collection is not only a trend, but also a norm and obligation. Therefore, 4-wheel waste containers 660l are available in 5 segregation colors:

  • graphite/black for mixed waste,

  • blue for paper and cardboard,

  • green for glass,

  • yellow for plastics and metals,

  • brown for biodegradable waste.

See video: why it's worth segregating waste?

The best 4-wheel waste containers 660l in eco-market24.com

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