Sorbent Containers

Containers for sorbent, containers for used sorbent.

Sorbent containers for storing bulk materials ready for use and already used. Made from eco-friendly polyester laminate with increased resistance to salts, acids, bases and chemical compounds as well as atmospheric factors. Proven products for industrial enterprises, workshops and other institutions where there may be leakage of hazardous substances. They effectively protect bulk materials for cleaning spaces without side effects. We offer sorbent containers with a capacity of 50-500 liters.

Sorbent container 65L

Sorbent container 65L

Sorbent container for workshops, production halls and petrol stations Sorbent container 65L is an e..

89.00 € Ex Tax: 72.36 €

Double-module sorbent container 220L - 450L

Double-module sorbent container 220L - 450L

Sorbent container for car workshop Double-chamber sorbent container 220L - 450L is a proven solutio..

279.00 € Ex Tax: 226.83 €

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How to choose sorbent containers?

High-quality sorbent containers, thanks to being made from proven materials, are long-term solutions. Therefore, when choosing them, you should consider:

  • capacity - it should be adapted to the size of the space where bulk materials will be used;

  • material of construction - sorbent containers made of polyester laminate are durable, resistant to weather conditions and chemicals, and additionally are recyclable;

  • ease of use - it is worth checking whether the sorbent containers have, for example, an additional bottom hole for extracting materials;

  • aesthetics of the container - models finished with UV-stabilized gelcoats provide a beautiful appearance for years, as they do not fade under the influence of the sun.

Before purchasing, familiarize yourself with the article "Which sand container to choose?, which can significantly facilitate the decision.

Containers for clean and used sorbent - application

Sorbent containers and containers for used sorbent help to maintain order in spaces where there is a risk of spillage of dangerous substances. They should find their place in, among others:

  • at petrol stations,

  • in car workshops,

  • in municipal plants and selective collection points,

  • in laboratories,

  • in city cleaning services headquarters,

  • in the oil industry,

  • in the fire brigade.’s offer - everything for safety in the company online  store provides a wide range of products for entrepreneurs, public institutions and property managers. Thinking about the full safety of infrastructure and users, we provide, among others, chemical waste containers, capture and drip trays, metal barrels, plastic barrels or canisters. The Sales Department staff will help you choose a solution tailored to your needs and prepare an individual quote. We invite you to contact us!