Waste Bin Inserts

Metal inserts for street bins, inserts for trash cans, inserts for concrete bins.

Waste bin inserts are made of high-quality laser-cut sheet metal and powder coated. They show anti-corrosive properties and resistance to atmospheric conditions. They provide comfortable and hygienic emptying of standard city bins. They can be equipped with galvanized steel ashtrays. We offer waste bin inserts with capacities of 30-110 liters - adapted to the most commonly used types of bins. We ensure the availability of products in 3 shapes: round straight, conical and square conical.

Round metal insert - straight

Round metal insert - straight

Steel inserts for round bins - functionality and hygiene Round metal insert - straight designed for..

38.78 € Ex Tax: 31.53 €

Round - conical metal insert

Round - conical metal insert

Inserts for concrete bins - convenient and hygienic Round - conical metal insert for a waste bin is..

46.10 € Ex Tax: 37.48 €

Square - conical metal insert

Square - conical metal insert

Metal inserts for street bins - guarantee of hygiene Square - conical metal insert designed for str..

54.00 € Ex Tax: 43.90 €

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Metal waste bin inserts - why use them?

We use metal waste bin inserts for 2 reasons. It is primarily a convenient solution that facilitates emptying. Thanks to them, employees responsible for cleanliness in cities do not have to put their hand into the bin or use additional bags. Waste bin inserts are also more ecological.

Equally important, street waste bin inserts ensure their hygienic use. Made of high-quality sheet metal with a smooth surface, they prevent waste from sticking to them. They are easier to keep clean.

Inserts for street bins - types

In eco-market24.com’s offer you will find 3 types of inserts:

  • straight round inserts - the best inserts for concrete bins, available in capacities from 30 to 55 liters, with the possibility of equipping with an ashtray;

  • conical round inserts with a capacity of up to 110 liters - a proven solution for large bins;

  • conical square inserts - most often used in bins built with wooden panels, available in capacities from 35 to 70 liters.

Inserts for concrete bins and more - eco-market24.com offers solutions for your city

Waste bin inserts are primarily used in free-standing street bins, concrete waste bins and wooden waste bins. However, eco-market24.com’s offer is much more. You will find, among others, post-mounted street waste bins, ashtray waste bins or dog waste bins. We also offer accessories for street bins. To choose the best solution for you, contact our Sales Department. Our employees will help you go through the entire ordering process.