Bottle and Can Crushers

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Bottle and can crushers are an effective solution for extra care for the natural environment. They allow to reduce the volume of accumulated plastic and metal waste in a simple way, thereby reducing their frequency of removal.’s offer includes wall-mounted bottle crushers or cabinet door crushers. The proposed products are suitable for businesses, public institutions, service premises and private homes. Plastic crushers are compact, practical and easy to use.

Crushing machine for cans and bottles

Crushing machine for cans and bottles

Bottle crusher for shop and home Crushing machine for cans and bottles is a simple way to reduce th..

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Bottle and can crushers - why use them?'s offer includes bottle and can crushers, which additionally allow you to care for the environment. Up to 80% smaller volume of secondary raw materials means that sorting devices can work much more efficiently. We also save space in landfills. PET bottle and can crushers contribute to even more precise waste segregation.

Bottle and can crushers are also used for practical reasons. Thanks to them, you can reduce the size of secondary raw materials. In this way, you gain space in your own trash cans - garbage collection takes place less frequently, which is associated with lower fees. Plastic bottle crushers are a space and money saver.

Bottle and can crushers - application

Bottle and can crushers from’s offer can be used for various types of waste. With them, you will reduce the volume of:

  • PET bottles (up to 2.5 liters in capacity, in some models with a cap),

  • drink cartons (milk, juices),

  • aluminum cans.

Bottle and can crushers and more - discover assortment

The wide range of eco-market24 online store includes diverse solutions for waste segregation in public spaces, businesses and private homes. Our offer includes, among others, bottle and can crushers, bio-waste containers, segregation station sets or kids waste bins.

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