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Eco-Market24 For 13 years we have been supplying products for companies, local government units and budgetary institutions

Our goal is to be a preferred provider of waste segregation solutions for communities, companies, and local governments around the world.

We want to enable efficient waste management, minimize pollution, and save resources while enhancing the aesthetics of our environment.

MISSIONAt Eco-Market24 we love our Planet

Our passion is creating a cleaner, greener, and healthier world for current and future generations. By providing the latest solutions in waste management practices, we strive to reduce pollution, protect natural resources, increase recycling, and circular economy, and minimize the impact of waste disposal on the environment.

DESIGNAesthetics and functionality

We strive to raise the standards of public spaces through innovative, sustainable, and beautifully designed products that fit and architecturally enrich urban, park, or service spaces. 

Values we believe in business


We work hand in hand with communities, businesses, and local governments to understand their needs, challenges, and aspirations, adapting our products and services to have a lasting, positive impact.

Sustainable development

We are committed to creating products that protect the planet, save resources, and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, ensuring a healthier future for future generations.


We take pride in delivering the highest quality waste management and public space solutions that combine exceptional design, durability, and efficiency, exceeding the expectations of our demanding customers.


We constantly strive to develop modern waste segregation and small architectural solutions that harmoniously combine functionality and design, making everyone's contribution to a green world easier and more enjoyable.


We believe in raising awareness about the importance of waste segregation, recycling, and environmental responsibility, motivating individuals to make informed choices and make significant changes.

We serve the business as well as the budgetary and local government sector

We serve the entire spectrum of companies, from small private businesses to Fortune 500 Europe companies.

Our clients also include cities, municipalities, and their units (schools, hospitals).

We service general contractors, investment companies, design firms, manufacturers of building materials, developers and property managers, when equipping investments such as: public utility facilities, commercial investments, Selective Waste Collection Points, segments of general construction, housing, city parks and green areas.

We offer professional advice, attractive terms and a comprehensive offer

We are experts in the following categories:

Individual project? No problem!

Thanks to cooperation with a group of experienced designers and production technicians, we are able to offer you individual projects, visually and character-wise adapted to your investment.

High Rating in Google Reviews

Solid References
Last year, we purchased "bell" type containers PDS-KS and PDS-KT. The order was subject to individual modifications compared to the original. Eco-Market24 company had no trouble dealing with this task.
From the very beginning, we received professional and comprehensive assistance in obtaining information on the materials used for production, implementation time and costs.
Lukasz, Trzemeszno
We have been cooperating with Eco-Market24 as a trading partner for several years. I sincerely recommend cooperation especially after the reorganization in the customer service department. A pleasant surprise, full professionalism, which is increasingly rare in the market.
Quick response to inquiries, flexibility and assistance in order fulfillment are valuable qualities.
Agnieszka, Sales Department Manager, Szczecin

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eco24 sp. z o.o.
Algierska 17k
03-977 Warsaw
NIP: 521-403-90-48

Sales Department: +48 790 33 11 77
Order Processing Department: +48 573 00 69 29
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Finance Department: +48 573 00 69 29

The company's office is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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